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Women Driving Change: 10 Inspiring Photos

  • Mon, 20 Mar 2017 17:14

Photo: Enjoying time at home by Ekachai Prasertkaew

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we decided to make the theme of our latest 500px Photo Quest “Women driving change.” Photographers all over the world sent in their best photos of bold and strong women.

Whether it was a photo of a science professor or volunteer wildlife firefighters, the portraits captured women making positive impacts on the world and inspiring others.

The winner was selected by our guest judge, Gabriela Tulian (read our interview with her to find out what it takes to be a successful lifestyle photographer). Her favorite was Ekachai Prasertkaew’s photo “Enjoying time at home.”

Gabriela Tulian explains what drew her eye to this image: “A simple scene beautifully composed and enhanced by the softness of the light coming through the foliage of the trees. We can clearly appreciate the power of light creating a magical composition. An idyllic moment between a mother and a daughter.”

Enjoying time at home. by Ekachai prasertkaew on

When asked about his photography, Ekachai Prasertkaew says he feels happy every time he holds a camera. Check out his profile on 500px, and take a look at the runners up below for more great images of women driving change!

Young Baby sitter... by Sina Pezeshki on

The Photographer ... by Bijan Choudhury on

Puff. by Derek Samaha on

Celebrating Buddha by Francesco Cinque on

Family of Firefighters by Jarib Gonzalez on

Face of patriotism - Remembrance XP5631 by Harris Hui on

Fire Of Hope by Eman mansour on

Women in science by Jose Gomez-Arroyo on

The woman is driving the boat in the river by Quang Vu on

Did you miss this Photo Quest? Check out our upcoming Quests here!

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