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Vertical UFO Seen In Baja, Aliens Are Watching?

  • Sat, 13 Jan 2018 07:28

Whether you want to believe, or not, people sight all manner of strange things in the sky. Maybe it’s too many X-files episodes, or something in the water. Regardless, a woman took some pretty shaky and shoddy footage of what is being called a vertical UFO this week.

Vertical UFO Seen In Baja
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Historical Phenomenon

Unidentified Flying Objects have been a topic of discussion for as long as people have been keeping records. Many sightings in history can often be explained away with modern day science. Others, at times, defy explanation. The United States Government has finally acknowledged that they have had a department, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, whose sole job was to investigate potential alien visitations. NASA has a job posting for a Planetary Protection Officer to protect us all from alien harm. Aliens and UFOs are big business it seems.

New Vertical UFO?

This week, a woman captured some cellphone footage of a vertical UFO flying over a city in Baja, Mexico. The footage is pretty bad with no clear image of the object. Still images from the video show a vertical, perhaps cylindrical object flying over the city. Some may, upon seeing the still images, think it’s all a hoax. However, if it were a hoax one would hope they’d do a better job of it. Clearly, it was not an awe-inspiring site as the camera never moves toward the object nor makes any attempt to better determine what it is. Perhaps it was simply an oddly shaped drone.

Hoax or Hollywood?

Since the vertical UFO is most likely not a hoax, we have to look at other logical explanations. If it were indeed a person in a jetpack, as has been postulated by some, it could be part of a film shoot. There is a large studio down there, Baja Studios, that has both indoor and outdoor stages and water tanks. The studio is south of Rosarito on Highway 1 and could have been near where the footage was shot. The vertical UFO could have been some special effects placeholder or other piece of technical equipment for filming.

Hollywood often uses Baja California for shoots for everything from Kill Bill, to Titanic. One might imagine that in certain parts of Mexico, seeing oddly shaped things hovering about in the sky might be a normal occurrence. This could also explain why there are not dozens of videos surfacing for this particular sighting. In terms of science fiction films partly shot in Mexico, films include Dune, Dragonball Evolution, Monsters, Planet Terror, Predator and more. Even James Bond makes regular visits as Quantum of Solace and Licence to Kill both had scenes shot there.

If one were to take the time and ponder it further, there are fairly logical explanations. Far more logical than aliens have come to observe our recent space launches because we are sending “war material” up into orbit, as one “UFO expert” purported. Perhaps, I’m just an alien and my whole job is to debunk alien and UFO sightings to keep the people of Earth unaware of our activities. Now, take me to your leader.

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