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Vegas Golden Knights mock L.A. Kings’ poor cap management during Twitter roast battle

  • Thu, 14 Sep 2017 01:38

Boom, roasted.

The Vegas Golden Knights’ Twitter folks haven’t been shy about pushing the boundaries of what you can expect from a professional sports team’s account, so the L.A. Kings should’ve known what they were getting into this week.

When the two accounts started a playful roasting of each other, L.A. got hit with the haymaker:


The Kings are notoriously known as one of the NHL’s worst teams in terms of salary cap management. They have massive deals on the books for Dustin Brown, Marian Gaborik, and Jonathan Quick, not to mention $ 10 million annually tied up in star forward Anze Kopitar, who’s coming off a down season.

The banter between Vegas and L.A. started Tuesday night when the Golden Knights responded to a tweet about the Kings winning a prospect tourney game between the two teams.

Unsurprisingly, the Kings didn’t take kindly to being informed their team is bad and their Twitter account is bad, so they responded by pointing out that the expansion team hasn’t exactly accomplished anything yet, in classically sassy fashion:

That’s when Vegas hit back with the salary cap joke, teaching us that even official team accounts can take joy in the questionable decision-making of other clubs’ front offices.

The Kings may not have won this social media roast battle like they did with the Flyers a couple weeks ago, so they’ll have to lick their wounds and come back another day.

The Golden Knights, meanwhile, probably won’t win all that much on the ice next season, but they’re shooting to go unbeaten with the tweets. - All Posts


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