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Study English at UWS: A crucial advantage for global jobseekers

  • Tue, 12 Sep 2017 23:08

In an increasingly globalised world, colleagues, clients, customers and stakeholders don’t always speak the same language.

The ability to speak a foreign language is now considered the golden egg that can make a huge difference in business, giving both the company and employee a major advantage in incredibly competitive markets.

A report lead by the Confederation of British Industry highlighted the growing demand for bilingual employees, showing that a whopping 36 percent of employers recruit people based on their language skills. The same study also showed that having purely conversational abilities in a second language greatly enhances future job prospects, with 74 percent of companies actively seeking employees with these skills. This shows that any grasp of a second language is a valuable asset in terms of winning over prospective employers.

If you needed any other reason to boost those language skills, research has shown that bilingual people are better at multitasking, have better mental flexibility, and a greater ability to focus, not to mention a tendency to be more tolerant than their single language counterparts. The most beneficial tongues to learn in an increasingly global business world remain English and Mandarin.

Since it’s still widely spoken across the majority of the world, proficiency in English will enable you to interact with people, clients and businesses across the globe. Not to mention the world of culture and entertainment that will open up once you’ve got this down.

There are few places better to learn the language of business, science and opportunity than  the School of Education at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS), ranked fourth-best Education School in the UK.


Located in culture-rich Paisley, Scotland, students can soak up the arts and entertainment in this UK City of Culture 2021 candidate. Alternatively, they can choose to pop just 10-minutes down the road to buzzing and vibrant Glasgow – Scotland’s largest city.

Home to the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and National Theatre of Scotland, as well as acclaimed museums and a thriving music scene, Glasgow undoubtedly has something for everyone. These two combined make the West of Scotland the ideal spot to take up your international studies.

One huge bonus of the School of Education is that is has heaps of articulation partner schools in China, meaning students of these universities can begin their degree programme at their home institution before transferring to an English course at UWS.

So, anyone from a whole range of Chinese universities – from Hunan and Guizhou to Beijing and Yunnan – who are studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or Teaching English as a Second Language can jump right over to the West of Scotland to complete their degree. What a great opportunity, right? Two fantastic experiences for the price of one!

For those wanting to hone their English skills and pick up the fluency that will attract international employers, the BA English as a Second Language (EASL) is right for you.

Studying in small groups, you’ll quickly pick up the expertise needed to impress in the job market and beyond. Embracing the fun and relevant side of English, students learn the cultures and application of the language in real-life settings.

Once you’re done with your course at UWS, you won’t just be able to list verb endings, but also be able to confidently converse both in a business and social setting.

The only thing more rewarding than learning English, is teaching it.

The MEd Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (TESOL) provides a world-class learning experience that prepares students for the challenges of a career in the education profession, whether that be at home or abroad. And students from the BA EASL, as well those completing other relevant degrees, can transition straight into this one-year course after graduation.

Looking at language in a global context, students consider the role of language and the great benefits it can serve for both themselves and their future students.


Learning the essential practical teaching and English language skills needed to be an effective and cherished teacher, this course prepares students to step right into the world of language education – and that’s exactly what most graduates do.

The School of Education has a truly remarkable record of having 100 percent of graduates in work or further study within six months of graduation. This is no surprise given that teaching English is a truly global profession, and the skills acquired and developed throughout this programme are highly-regarded by employers worldwide.

These courses don’t just open opportunities in the UK or back home, wherever that may be; they open doors to destinations and industries you’ve only dreamed of experiencing.

Above all else, bilingualism places you ahead of the pack at job interviews and makes you the secret weapon that gives your company that much needed competitive edge. On top of all this, your language knowledge and mastery will continue to drive your career projection for the remainder of your life.

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