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Mickey and Goofy Take on Tennis Stars at Shanghai Rolex Masters Family Day

  • Wed, 11 Oct 2017 20:26

Two of our favorite Disney characters served up plenty of smiles this weekend during the Shanghai Rolex Masters Family Day, proving that you can make a racquet and still have fun. Needless to say, Mickey and Goofy were aces when they braved the court with tennis stars Roger Federer and Wu Di. Game, set, match!

Mickey and Goofy Take on Tennis Stars at Shanghai Rolex Masters Family Day

Spectators cheered on the dynamic duo as part of the annual event which invites youngsters and their families to learn more about the sport and try their hand at a few games while watching the pros. Sportsmanship and celebration were in no short supply as families enjoyed a memorable day of activities in the sunshine.

Mickey and Goofy brought even more Disney magic to the festivities, offering the chance to win gifts from Shanghai Disney Resort throughout the event, not to mention posing for a few fun snapshots along the way. The resort also announced plans to help kids in China play all day and practice a healthy lifestyle by supporting Shanghai Ruikebi Youth Sports Junior Tennis, bringing the program to two new schools and hundreds of students next year.

So the next time you spot Mickey and Goofy, be sure to give them a victory high-five! I think it’s safe to say this isn’t their last game of doubles.

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