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Magenta 1 landmark in Croatia

  • Wed, 15 Nov 2017 12:41

Hrvatski Telekom (HT) now has over 100,000 users of its fixed/mobile premium product Magenta 1.

As previously reported by Broadband TV News, Magenta 1 was launched in Croatia in March 2016. It currently offers ultra fast internet access and new generation TV on every smart device through the MAXtv To Go application, the on demand service Pickbox, replay TV and 30 hours of recording time.

As a novelty, it also includes an option named Stream On that gives access to unlimited video content on mobile devices from such services as HBO GO, Pickbox, YouTube, Netflix and MAXtv to Go without the use of additional internet traffic.

Commenting on the take-up of Magenta 1, Natasa Rapaic, a member of the managing board and CCO residential at HT, said: “Continuous growth in the number of users is proof that our customers recognise the value added by Magenta 1. This unique concept of offering premium telecom services on the Croatian market offers the largest choice for all household members in one place. Thanks to the strong investment in infrastructure and offer, HT constantly extends services and increases the quality of content in the Magenta 1 concept, which will undoubtedly continue to attract new users”.

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