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Amazon is refunding purchases of unverifiable eclipse eyewear

  • Sun, 13 Aug 2017 19:42
 Amazon is issuing refunds for those who’ve purchased possibly fake solar eclipse glasses on the site in anticipation of this summer’s big solar eclipse event. A lot of folks have been gearing up for the event that will — depending on where you are — either totally block out the sun or partially block it as the eclipse moves across the North American hemisphere on… Read More


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Horizons Ventures backs AI startup Fano Labs in first Hong Kong investment
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Amazon backs down in Google streaming spat
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Tencent and invest $863M into e-commerce firm Vipshop to battle Alibaba
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The newest iOS – things you surely did not know
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After years of success, progress against malaria is slowing
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Bitcoin: Is it worth the risk?
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All the buzz at AI’s big shindig
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Site Helps Kids Read & Think Critically
  • Mon, 18 Dec 2017 05:40

Innovative take on independent reading ditches multiple-choice quizzes Techlearning RSS Feed

Ian McKellen wants to play Gandalf in Amazon 'Rings' series - CNET
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Since the "Lord of the Rings" wizard is 7,000 years old, the actor feels he can still do the role justice at 78. CNET News

Second bitcoin futures debut could lure volume to wild market
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Thales agrees to buy Gemalto in digital security deal worth ~$5.43BN
  • Mon, 18 Dec 2017 02:40

 Digital security solutions provider Gemalto has agreed to a €51 per share acquisition offer from French aerospace and defense group Thales &#...

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