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50 Photos That Make Us Want to Raid Kate Middleton's Shoe Closet

  • Tue, 13 Feb 2018 22:35
Post by Kathleen Wong.

kate middleton

Other than being the Duchess of Cambridge and mother to a few adorable little royal babies, Kate Middleton is also known for her iconic and timeless style. She has a knack for picking out the most stylish winter coats, has access to the best jewelry box in the world (i.e., the Queen's), and really knows how to work a gorgeous evening gown. But one thing that we haven't given credit where credit is due is her shoe collection. What can we say, Kate knows how to pick a shoe. 

From jet-setting to casually watching a sports game to attending a fancy royal event, Kate always chooses the right shoe to pair with her usually stunning outfit -- and she always looks graceful and elegant. In fact, we would say that she tends to give Cinderella and her glass slipper a run for her money. 

Kate seems to be a fan of coordinating her heels to her accessories, which aligns with her generally preppy and understated sense of fashion. Living in the chilly and rainy London, England, she's also mastered how to style all kinds of boots and heels with her large collection of fall and winter coats. Anyone who lives in a cold weather climate should probably take notes from the duchess herself! She is major style goals. 

We've rounded up 50 times Kate's shoes were absolutely on point. Read on to get some major shoe envy. 

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